Infinite Decentralization Capital
Money Never Sleeps
Infinite Decentralization Capital is a distinguished investment company focusing on Blockchain investment, Securities, Equity Investment as well as trading. With Professional investment research team and various resources in the industry, an average of 100%+ return annually made by ID Capital in venture investment.
Wesley is the chief investment officer for a LA family office and independently manages a $300M book focusing on blockchain, crypto, stocks and commodities investment. In the past three years, Wesley generated an average of 100%+ return annually.
Before joining the LA family office, Wesley served as a managing director at Blockinfinty Venture Capital, where he oversaw hundreds of ICO and IEO projects. After Blockinfinty, Wesley joined The Leotank Group as the head trader for its quantitative trading strategies. Currently, The Leotank Group has two accounts on Bitmex leaderboard.